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Immediate Dentures

Your Best Smile is Just Around the Corner

Understandably, many patients are concerned about going without teeth following extraction surgery while they wait for their dentures to be fabricated. The good news is, there’s a denture solution meant just for this scenario! Same-day dentures were created to be placed immediately following tooth extraction surgery.

Leading up to your tooth extraction surgery, we work closely with your dentist to ensure the immediate dentures we make for you will fit and function as they should. Then, the denture is placed by the dentist immediately following the extraction of your natural teeth. Patients wear these immediate dentures while their tissues heal following their dental surgery. During the healing process there are options to keep you comfortable with your changing tissues. Once your tissues are sufficiently healed, often one year after extractions, a permanent reline can be done to ensure your new smile fits and functions as it should.

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Restore Your Smile

Benefits of Same Day Dentures

  • Can be placed immediately following tooth extraction surgery
  • They help protect your gums and keep swelling at bay following tooth extractions
  • You don’t need to go a day without teeth if you opt for same-day dentures
  • Same-day dentures can help your jaw and face muscles function optimally

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Do I need to get same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures are optional and they are meant for patients who don’t want to go without some or all of their teeth following tooth extraction surgery before their final dentures are ready.

How long do immediate dentures last?

Most patients replace their immediate dentures with their final set of dentures once their mouth has sufficiently healed. This time can vary for people. Your final set of dentures will fit and feel even more like natural teeth than same-day dentures do, which is why most patients just use same-day dentures as a temporary option.

Can I get teeth pulled and dentures on the same day?

This is precisely what same-day dentures are meant for! For the vast majority of patients, it’s possible to have same-day dentures placed immediately following tooth extraction surgery so they don’t need to go without teeth while their oral tissues heal.

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