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Sports Guards

Custom Sports Guards

Do you or your child play contact sports in North Battleford or the surrounding area? If so, it’s time to consider a custom sports guard! They help protect not only your denture appliance but also your dental tissues, from damage.

Who Should Wear a Custom Sports Guard?

If you play contact sports, chances are, a sports guard is right for you. Along with protecting teeth and dental tissues from impact, there is also research to suggest that wearing a mouthguard can lower the risk of concussion dramatically. In fact, according to research on concussions, the risk of concussion was almost two-thirds lower for youth hockey players wearing a mouthguard. This mechanism is thought to work by lessening the blow from impact to the jaw that can radiate to the brain.

Some sports are a lot more likely to lead to concussions and dental injuries, meaning it’s even more important to ensure a sports guard is worn when playing them.

Here are some of the sports that lead to the most dental injuries:

  • Ice hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Martial arts
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Field hockey
  • Rugby
Four hockey players in an ice rink passing the hockey puck

Protect Your Smile

Call Battlefords Denture Care today to find out more about sports guards and if it’s right for you.

Can I have a sports guard made by a denturist?

Yes! Our clinic in North Battleford fabricates sports guards right here, usually on the same day.

Why should I have a custom mouthguard made?

If you or your child play sports, wearing a mouthguard will protect your mouth from injury. A custom sports guard is made to fit securely and accurately against your teeth, increasing the comfort and likelihood of wearing it.

How often should I have my mouth guard replaced?

Younger children may need to have their sports guard replaced more often as their mouths change.  If you do not undergo oral changes, replacing a mouth guard every season or two is recommended, depending on what kind of shape your mouth guard is in.   

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