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Dentures on Implants

A Flexible and Secure Denture Option

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Dentures on implants offer you the benefits and features of permanent dentures with the added flexibility and convenience of removable dentures. That way, your dentures stay securely in place while you eat, laugh, or speak. Then, when it’s time to clean your dentures, they can quickly be removed to do so.

Benefits of Dentures on Implants

Implants can provide the anchor needed to keep the denture in place. The result is a dramatic improvement in fit and function.

  • Expand the types of foods you can comfortably eat
  • Predictably keep dentures in your mouth while eating and speaking
  • Prevent rubbing of denture on gums/bone
  • Minimize bone shrinking due to missing teeth
  • Regain up to 90% of your chewing function

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How much do removable dentures on implants cost?

This largely depends on how many implants the patient is getting, whether the dentures are new or if the existing dentures will be retrofitted. That being said, removable dentures on implants tend to be much more affordable than fixed dentures on implants—often about half the cost.

Are implant overdentures removable?

Dentures on implants can be either fixed and permanent or removable/snap-in. If you have fixed dentures on implants, this means only your denturist or dentist can remove your dentures. Removable dentures or snap-in dentures can be removed by the patient which makes for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Can I have a partial denture over implants?

Yes, having implants placed by a dentist for a partial denture on implants can be very beneficial.  If you want to have less metal showing and securely attach your partial denture to implants, this is an excellent treatment option.  Dental implants can also serve you in future treatment planning in case you have more teeth extracted.

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