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Night Guards & Tooth Whitening

Night Guards

Whether you have any remaining natural teeth left or not, tooth grinding can be an issue. Tooth grinding (or bruxism) can lead to a host of problems, including headaches, tooth damage, jaw pain, and more. With the help of a night guard, you can protect your dentures as well as your natural teeth and jaw from the strain bruxism adds.

Benefits of Night Guards

  • Night guards protect your dentures and natural teeth
  • Can eliminate jaw strain, jaw pain, and headaches from tooth grinding
  • Improves your sleep
  • Prevents you from grinding your teeth
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Restore Your Smile

Tooth Whitening in North Battleford

Want to brighten your smile? We have a variety of at-home tooth whitening options for your own natural teeth. There are many varieties, including custom bleaching trays, available to suit your individual needs. If your bleaching trays weren’t created for your unique teeth, they won’t be able to effectively reach every part of the tooth to ensure maximum brightening. With the help of custom bleaching trays, you can be sure your bleaching trays were designed just for you to create optimal results for whitening your natural teeth.

Call Battlefords Denture Care today to find out more about night guards and tooth whitening and if they’re right for you.

Does whitening my teeth make them sensitive?

Your natural teeth can become sensitive when being whitened. If this is a concern, be sure to let your practitioner know and they will discuss treatment plans to reduce the likelihood of sensitivity.

Can I have a nightguard made by a denturist?

Yes! Our denture clinic works with a dental lab to ensure that your nightguard is made to your specific teeth.  We can monitor you to ensure that you are comfortable and having success with your night guard.

Will I need new partial dentures if I have my natural teeth whitened?

Our clinic usually recommends whitening your natural teeth prior to having your partial dentures made. If you’d like to have your teeth whitened after having partials made, consult with your denturist about the best practice to ensure your partial dentures will still match your natural tooth shade.

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